Why I defied the court order

Dear judge Mbadwa,

I know I have my rights and that is the main reason I have written you honourable judge Mbadwa because I think civil society organisations are going too far with their freedoms.

How can they ask a court of law that I should receive their petition when they know I have people who can receive it on my behalf?

My Lord, I think the CSOs are belittling me and they feel I am their equal, but I am His Excellency professor Mapuya, President of the Republic of Nyasaland and not a small boy.

What is the duty of district commissioners and city council chief executives if not to receive petitions from disgruntled individuals like them?

My Lord, I cannot entertain such orders; hence, I hereby write your court explaining the rationale behind my decision to disobey the lower court’s order.

I don’t think I was committing a crime in doing so because I have a right to either receive or refuse anything.

My Lord, I acknowledged the court order just because, as an emeritus professor of constitutional law, I respect the independence of the Judiciary.

H o w e v e r , acknowledging the order is one thing and complying with it is another.

I have read the law well and I acknowledge that I am not immune to court orders, especially those concerning rights and duties under the Constitution I swore to protect.

But that is how far the court orders can go because I am not obliged to obey them hahahaha.

My understanding of the law I believe, as President, I cannot be charged with any criminal offence in any court during my term of office for defying a court order, except in a case where I had been charged with an offence on impeachment.

So, where did the unruly CSOs get the courage to get a court order to force me receive their petition?

Let people be reminded that as the President, I call the shots not the other way round.

My Lord, don’t you think it is strange that people who want to force their hand on receiving the petition expect me to act on the so-called grievances?

This should teach CSOs a lesson on who really wields power in the country. Don’t listen to lies about the strength of the masses because I, Mapuya is government.

On that day, I had better things to do such as packing my bags of Unga (maize flour), which I am taking on my journey to New York as you know I might take ages there since my return date is still unknown.

If the likes of Timoteo Mafu, Mphatso Five-pence and William Mawaya think they can play ping-pong with me, they have got another thing coming.

I want to remind them that I am not yet done with the business of coming down on people like a tonne of bricks if they don’t toe the line and the trio could be a perfect example.

My Lord, you expected a person in their rightful senses to allow the insults they embossed on placards, protesting my governance, within the vicinity of the palace?

I indeed defied the order and I am laughing about it because there is nothing anyone can do and I will be laughing all the way to the airport hahahaha.

I just wanted to register the fact that I also have a right to defy a court order and get away with it.

Perhaps you can summon the CSOs and explain to them that this will not be the last time I am defying the order.

By the way, tell them that I have ordered whoever received the petition on my behalf to throw it into the dustbin just to show how powerful I am and I don’t care a hoot.

I rest my case,


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