World Vision challenges firms to help the needy

World Vision Malawi (WVM) has appealed to private companies and organisations to collaborate in efforts towards improving poor and vulnerable people’s livelihoods.
WVM national director Hazel Nyathi made the appeal during a corporate engagement dinner in Lilongwe on Thursday.

Nyathi: It is everyone’s responsibility

Introducing the WVM 2016-2020 external engagement strategy, Nyathi said although her organisation has been serving the poor across the country, they would reach out to more through partnerships with the private sector.
She said: “I think it’s about time we realised that fighting poverty is not an issue for development actors alone. But even the private sector has a role.

“So, should it not be common sense that we come together, identify areas that are riddling our communities, especially our children, who are future elders in our communities? If we invest in them, we will realise collective benefits.”

Nyathi said in its strategy, WVM has endeavoured to improve the well-being of 1.5 million children directly, and four million indirectly, partly by improved dietary intake, access to education and health; and ensuring that children are protected from neglect, abuse and exploitation.

She added: “We can partner to ensure that the intensity of agriculture, in terms of outcomes, is improved. We can battle climate change together. We can come together and synergise, for poverty does not benefit anyone.”
Speaking on behalf of the guests, Agricultural Trading Company Limited general manager Madalitso Jelenje said following the WVM appeal for partnerships, organisations could join forces and identify areas of need in communities.

“We should be more focused to ensure that the impact is greater,” she said.
Jelenje added that the private sector representatives would brainstorm and see how best they could reach out to those in need, including children.

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