You will never progress with that jealousy spouse!

Don’t get me wrong friends. To be Jealousy is human nature and for couples especially, it is in all fairness an expression of love. But too much jealous can be a recipe for disaster as far as personal or family finances are concerned.

To begin with, we live in a modern world where men and women are both turning into professionals with equal abilities and opportunities. A woman should feel free to do business with or seek career growth mentorship from a man and vice versa with no strings attached. Through such, people in the civilised world have built wealth. It all begins by looking at each other (male or female) as human beings not as sex objects.

Put in the equation a jealousy wife or husband, then one can’t do business. A jealousy spouse will usually think if you are with a non-relative member of opposite sex then you must be transacting more than ordinary business. Such family set-up, I bet will find it so hard to advance financially as they will let opportunities pass simply because one spouse is scared of what their partner will think. Trust each other and you will see how your personal finance graph will shoot up. This is of course not to say that you should not guard yourself against temptations—you really need to, because some women/men are wolves in sheep skin— they come to you looking innocent with seemingly good faith gestures when they have ulterior motives of getting between your legs.

Why is it that when a woman climbs up the career ladder so fast, all fingers point to her using bottom power? And yet when a man progresses in their career that fast, we call them smart. This is unfairness at best and poisonous thinking to growth of finances in families. You see, some women have given up working hard because they are fearing of what their partner will say or society in general when they get quick promotions or make huge profits in their businesses. Result has been stagnant finances in their homes.

On a similar footing, when a man is getting too close to business or professional female partners, wives think he is up to something more than ordinary business. Yet, in the business world, females have some of the greatest acumen in learning/conducting trades and the closer you get to them, the more likely you would progress financially. I know the big challenge is that most men, we Malawians especially, will never just see a skirt and not want to see what it is hiding. That is where things go wrong. Then trust is lost and curfews are put on you such that you need to get visas if you are to go out let alone when you explicitly mention that you are meeting female business partners. The partners will want to come alone, and yet some businesses are better transacted one-on-one.

Many people have lost great business or job opportunities simply because their spouses have said no to it out of sheer jealousy. Sometimes business deals have had to be terminated because the potential partner felt threatened by a jealousy wife or husband. Stop pulling yourselves down with jealous! Age is catching up with you and you will need those lost opportunities. Go after them and simply trust each other! Ofcouse, remember that trust is earned—so don’t fool your spouse.

Bottom line, in the modern world, unjustified jealous for your spouse will not get you to progress financially. Trust them and let them do business or work. It is for the good of you both and your family generally. I implore you all to contain your jealous and see how much finances you will grow in the process.

Blessed week-end to you and yours as you contain your jealousy attitudes towards your spouse! The stakes are too high!

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