Young Generations Band lights up Ndirande Ghetto Festival

The 2019 Ndirande Ghetto festival dubbed Ghetto’s Got Talent was a hub of fun, laughter, dance and music on Sunday.

But it was Young Generations Band that made a name in the early 2000 that got things really heated when they hit the stage at Nyambadwe Primary School Ground.

The band’s lead vocalists Jangis Khan and Little Warrior, real name Chinsinsi Saka, started with a cover of Stephen Marley and Damian Marley titled Medication.

Members of Young Generations Jangis (C) and Little Warrior on stage

Muimbeyanu, muimbeyanu[sing your own composition],” the patrons chanted.

The band then complied and performed the song that made them a name; Afiti Opemphera.

The patrons sang along while dancing in appreciation.

Then the band finished its set with a cover of Daniel Kachamba’s Amayi Anati before leaving the stage.

In an interview after their performance, Jangis said the band is trying to make a comeback by appearing in as many shows as possible before the release of their album next year.

“Since two of our members Haroon and Tarrick Khan settled in South Africa, we have been trying to organise ourselves. Now we are back in the studio,” he said.

One organiser of the Ndirande Gheto Festival, Jah Junior, real name Dickson Dingaliro, said the annual event is organised by various Ndirande-based artists.

“Last year we had the summer jam and this year we rebranded to Ghetto’s Got Talent,” he said.

Jah Junior said they aim to promote and uplift talented youth in Ndirande.

Up-and-coming artists such as Black Cidah, Sample C, Mawondo performed.

Established bands including Slashers, Never Ending Jupiters, Manganga Dance Hall also performed.

The event was partly sponsored by Ndirande Malabada legislator Ishmael Mkumba who took advantage of the event to launch his driving school, which will offer free driving lessons to youths of his constituency.

Other sponsors were Ndirande Executive Lodge, Barry Shopping Mall, CheSomanje Makata and Mayi Kampa.

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