Chikwakwa to represent Mw at 2014 Commonwealth Games

Long distance runner Catherine Chikwakwa-Chunda plans to represent Malawi at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

This is a change of heart four years after she wanted to renounce her Malawian citizenship and represent England at international level.

Chikwakwa-Chunda, who is married to a medical doctor, Erimuss Chunda, and have two children, last carried the Malawi flag during the World Youth Athletics Games in Scotland in 2008. That was before she joined the British Army.

Soon after the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics last weekend, the 27-year-old wrote on her Facebook wall: “Watch me for 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.”

When one of her friends, Wonder Mkhutcha, asked her to clarify whether she would represent Malawi or UK, she replied: “Malawi, I am proud of my motherland.”

This is contrary to what she told which quoted her as saying: “It has been a hard decision to make, but I hope we have had a nice journey all through. I will no longer represent Malawi in athletics as I have joined British Military and I am getting citizenship.”

When The Nation sought clarification on her plans and the truth about her citizenship through her Facebook account on Sunday, she was ellusive.

“I have no answers to all of your questions. I stay in Edinburg, Scotland. The 2014 Commonwealth Games will be on my nose and if I train now, I may stand a chance to represent Malawi. For now, it is too early to ask me too much.”

Athletics Association of Malawi (AAM) vice-general secretary Mzee Makawa welcomed the development, but pleaded with Chikwakwa-Chunda to pull-up her socks to have a better chance of selection into the Malawi team.

“This is a wonderful development, but her last year’s record in various events in UK was not good enough to be considered for such a contest. She is an experienced athlete, but she should train hard and reduce weight,” said Makawa.

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