Exploits University, Galilee Management Institute sign MoU

The Polytechnic: Universities are centres for higher learning
The Polytechnic: Universities are centres for higher learning

Exploits University and Galilee International Management Institute (Gimi) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which will see the two institutions working as strategic partners providing quality education to Malawians.

The MoU was signed by the Chancellor of Exploits University Dr Kingston Ngwira and president of the Galilee International Management Institute Joseph Shevel.

Disclosing the development after returning from Israel, Ngwira said the areas the two institutions will be working together include joint teaching and research activities as well as publications and exchange of academic staff, degree double programmes and  exchange of visits by students and faculty members.

“I had a very successful trip to Israel where we signed the MoU which will see our two institutions benefiting greatly. With this partnership, Explots University joins several universities such as Harvard University, University of North London in United Kingdom, Crete University in Greece, University of Cyprus, Roraima University in Brazil as well as Chaina Pai University in Korea that are in collaboration with the Galilee Institute,” said Ngwira.

He said other universities in Africa benefiting from similar partnerships include University of Zimbabwe, University of Nigeria, University of Malawi   and  the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

“This MoU has provided the platform for the Exploits University to gain international recognition. The significance of signing the MoU reflects in the thinking that collaboration between universities that are in strategic relationships rests at the heart of continuously improving the university provisions,” he said.

Ngwira said the meeting in Israel gave Exploits University an opportunity to come up with some postgraduate programmes such as MBA Health Systems Management, Master of Public Administration and Civil Service Management, MBA Technology Management and MBA in Entrepreneurship innovation which will see Malawi students do their last semester in Israel.

Gimi is a public international management training institution offering advanced leadership, management and capacity building seminars to professionals coming from all over the world.

Gimi’s goal is to provide senior administrators with the specialised knowledge, advanced managerial and leadership techniques and innovative capabilities needed to reform and renew organisations.

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