HIV: A natural phenomenon or a manmade conspiracy?

HIV was discovered in the early 1980s by Dr. Luc Montagner of the Pasteur Institute in France but the first cases were recognised among the gay communities of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco who developed some opportunistic infection cases.

Here in Malawi messages of the new disease started at around that period but it gained momentum in the 1990s.

To many people, Aids, the disease that is caused by the HIV virus, is regarded as a natural phenomenon which has caused many catastrophic consequences, both social and economic, while others view it as a conspiracy by the white race to wipe out the black race.

Of late, many people have developed theories describing the origins of this deadly disease and one of them is Dr. Jack Felder, a Black American biochemistry scientist. He described Aids as a plot by white people to wipe out the black race and related it to the way they used germ warfare when he was germ specialist at the fifth Army Regiment in Chicago.

He added that whites induced diabetes into the Red Indians who are the first inhabitants of America to reduce their population. To prove his points, Felder also said over 60 percent of all HIV cases are black teenagers. When asked why whites could do that kind of thing, Felder said whites fear the game of number.

It is generally accepted that HIV came from the chimpanzees of Africa, Congo to be precise, since these apes’s Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) is too similar to HIV. But how did the virus evolve from SIV to HIV and move from monkeys (chimpanzees) to human beings?

Some people suggested the hunter theory while others see Oral Polio Vaccine known as Chat Vaccine conducted by Dr. Hillary Koprowski to the people of Belgian Congo (now DRC) as the root cause.

The hunter theory suggests that HIV was transferred into humans as a result of the blood of the chimps getting in contact with the wounds of the hunters during hunting.

In 1999 Edward Hopper published a book called ‘The River; a Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS’ where he clearly explained how Koprowski used Chimpazee’s Kidneys to make his polio vaccines.

According to Hopper the chimps’ kidneys were extracted at camp Lindi in Congo and then exported to the USA for further laboratory research. He also took advantage of illiteracy levels of Africans to test his vaccine on the people of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

On the other hand, the conspiracy theories on Aids suggest that HIV was developed in US military labs and injected into people via medical intervations in pretext of inoculations and vaccinations.

Time Magazine reported that conspiracy theorist says HIV was deliberately injected into gay people during the 1978 Hepatic-B vaccination trial in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

It also reported that it was U.S Army’s bio warfare to create a deadly virus that can kill slowly. Many people think that President Richard Nixon’s decision to merge the US Army’s Department of Bio warfare and the National Cancer Institute in 1971 was part of this conspiracy.

In 1998 five Belgian nurses and a Palestinian nurse were accused of infecting 426 Libyan children during a vaccination campaign and were sentenced to death before the US, Belgium and the European Union sided with the nurses and they were freed after pressurising the Libyan government.

Many prominent people in the world have supported or believed in the conspiracy of HIV, these include the former South African president, Thabo Mbeki who during his time as President of South Africa questioned the existence of HIV.

Here in Malawi, the percentage of people living with HIV is around 17 percent while USA state of Washington has only 3.2 percent.

Furthermore the Black communities of America are the worst affected. Of all Aids cases in USA, Blacks contribute 47 percent of all HIV cases while Whites’ prevalence rate is at only 27 percent, the remainder is shared by other minority races.

Ironically, 80 percent of all people in USA are Whites while Blacks are at 12 percent, the remainder is shared by Asians, and Red Indians.

The biggest question remains, why is Africa the biggest victim of HIV when it was first discovered in America? Is HIV a natural phenomenon or a plot of a white man to wipe out the Black race? n


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