IF I WERE: George Chaponda


Governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice-president for the South, I wouldn’t be in the forefront declaring that President Peter Mutharika would go unopposed during the party’s convention.

Being a lawyer, I would be in the forefront ensuring that the party’s constitution is respected.

If I were mbuyanga che Chaponda, I would realise the need to accommodate inter-party democracy by ensuring that all the members are given a chance to express their views.

Oh yes, bwana Chaponda, when I and other party gurus decide to close the door on other potential candidates, the picture it paints is that we are not confident of the party’s incumbent leader Peter Mutharika’s chances of winning against whosoever is posing a threat to him.

Otherwise, I would let those that think they can challenge APM to do so at the convention.

If I were Chaponda, I would realise that I am still stuck in the out-dated era of imposing candidates and I need to wake up from my deep slumber and appreciate that this is a new dawn. Dzuka Chaponda! Dzuka!n

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