Archbishop urges respect for the rule of law

Catholic Archbishop of Blantyre Thomas Luke Msusa has advised Catholic faithful in the country to remain obedient to the rule of law and faithful to God.

He was speaking at Limbe Cathedral yesterday during prayers for peace as resquested by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM).

Msusa: This is very sad

ECM appealed to the Catholic faithful in all dioceses in the country to pray for peace, unity and reconciliation following what they said were ‘disturbing trends’ that have occurred in the aftermath of the May 21 Tripartite Elections.

Msusa, who is also heading the Public Affairs Committee mediation team, expressed concern over Malawi’s political situation, which he said is contrary to what it used to be and people’s anger is seen in different ways.

“In the past, when we meet at the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa [Amecea] meetings, we used to discuss the sad situations, fighting, war and political unrest in Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia, but it is shameful and disheartening that Malawi is now also included. This is very sad…,” he said.

He further asked the Catholic faithful to strive in instilling hope in the hopeless.

“As Catholics, we believe in the power of prayer. We are aware that human efforts can fail but God does not fail; hence, need to seek God’s intervention.

“It is a known fact that many people have lost trust in their leaders and they feel they are not part of he Malawi society. It is the duty of Christians to bring trust to them,” said the archbishop.

He reiterated the need to remain obedient to the rule of law saying what is happening now is a sign of not respecting the rule of law—those in positions are doing things to please the selected few, discrimination and tribalism is everywhere.and the commandments of God,

ECM directed all Catholics in the country to hold prayers for peace in their dioceses, parishes and out-churches.

Malawi has been rocked in dispute over results of the presidential race after MEC declared President Peter Mutharika as winner.

Several lives and lots of property have been lost in anti-Jane Ansah demonstrations organised by the Human Rights Defenders Coalition, which is supported by opposition parties, notably Malawi Congress Party and UTM whose leaders are contest Mutharika’s victory in court, claiming that the poll was marred with irregularities.

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