Beautifying the African woman

She has set no boundaries for her trade. In fact for her, the sky is never the limit. She is based in Indianapolis, the capital of the State of Indiana, United States of America (USA). Her life revolves around creating products that enhance the beauty of an African woman. Her name is Omega Nankhuni. Trading under the name OmeCreation Cosmetics(OC), she has largely marketed her products in Malawi.

But now she is spreading her wings, venturing into more African countries, starting with Zambia.

 “From a very young age, make up has always been my passion.  Before I left Malawi, the cosmetics industry was not common and products were only imported and hard to get.  After I moved to USA at a young age I worked in the cosmetics industry where I rubbed shoulders with many well-known brand names. I identified a gap that was in the market for people of colour,” said Nankhuni in an interview.

A client sampling OC products in Lusaka, Zambia

She said she discovered that people of colour had difficulties in finding products that would blend with their skin tone.

“Consequently, I became more drawn to the idea of becoming an entrepreneur in the make-up industry,” she said.

It was with that idea that she enrolled into a make-up artistry school in Florida.  Upon completion of this course in 2013, a young Omega decided to come up with her own cosmetics line, OmeCreationCosmetics (OC).

This was the genesis of a rewarding business and a path that has opened doors to not only the owner, but also many young Malawian and Zambian business enthusiasts in the cosmetic line of business. OC has directly or indirectly employed over 100 people on the labour market in these two neighbouring countries. Since its launch, OC has become a player in the prestigious beauty industry in Malawi and beyond.  It offers customers transformative products with a particular niche for people of colour.

“We are the only cosmetics company that offers make-up and skin care with a portfolio of over 10 products distributed to individuals and through retail channels,” said Nankhuni.

It is for this reason that on June 29, the company launched this make-up line in Lusaka, Zambia.

“It was such a big event where most of the event planners and speakers were the top celebrities in Zambia,” she said.

Reacting to the launched product, Dora Kapotwe from Lusaka, Zambia wrote on Facebook: “OC’s lipsticks are heavenly. They do not smudge and can last the whole day. This is what I have been looking for.”

Another make-up fanatic from Lilongwe wrote: “It feels great to be able to buy products that are best suited for our skin tone and type. In OC we trust!”

According to Nankhuni, the goal of her products is to enhance the inner and outer beauty of all women regardless of skin tone and texture at the same time empowering young female entrepreneurs with both skills and expertise to add value to their cosmetic businesses. 

“This Malawian company is putting our country on the map because it has products that will satisfy every woman’s beauty needs and boost self-esteem in the beauty industry,” she said.

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