Body touts natural medicines

Perm-A-Outreach director Mathews Shaba Mpofu has stressed that natural medicines are vital for human health as they fill the gaps left by traditional and scientific medical approaches.

He said this in an interview on Monday ahead of a Herbal Practice Workshop for interested individuals from Blantyre and surrounding districts.

“Natural medicines can be used before and after hospital visits,” said Mpofu.

A traditional healer displays
natural medicines

He said the medicines are environmental friendly, locally available, easily accessed and understood culturally and biblically.

Mpofu observed that some women in reproductive age use natural medicine to treat eating challenges they face.

He said: “We find it important to equip citizens with knowledge and skills of making their own natural medicines to treat themselves.

“The training will provide an opportunity to the participants who have passion with the use of natural medicines and those who would like to add value to their profession in health oriented disciplines to appreciate the healing values of our locally available growing plants in treating common ailments; hence, becoming self-reliant.”

Permaculture Network Malawi operations officer Hardwell Kaniye said there are misconceptions about natural medicines as people associate them with witchcraft.

“But that is not the case. We want to change that mind-set. In fact, the medicine we get from hospitals come from plants. Our goal as permaculture experts is to encourage people and impart knowledge on how to embrace and use plants productively,” he said. 

Perm-A-Outreach is a private organisation that has been in operation for ten years training people both locally and internationally on natural medicines.

The organisation is a member of the Permaculture Network Malawi.

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