Celebrating Mother’s Day

Malawians yesterday celebrated Mother’s Day.

In Lilongwe, on the eve of the special day for mothers, Symon and Kendall launched their album Natalia at Bingu International Convention Centre (Bicc).

The Great Angels Choir, Zambian comedians Bikitoni ndi Difikoti as well as Ruth supported the launch.

The sizeable crowd at the event was treated to impressive performances from the Great Angels Choir and stand up comedies from Bikitoni ndi Difikoti and Ruth.

Symon and Kendall perform at their album launch

On their part, the Nyemba Nyemba boys did not disappoint when they took to the stage. The duo dished out songs both from their previous albums as well as from the new release Natalia.

But it was the song Natalia that had everyone dancing and singing along.

“Kuphika sadziwa Nata, Kusesa sakhoza Nata, kuchapa sadziwa Nata, Ujeni sadziwa Nata, Nata kusita sadziwa, kupeta sadziwa, kutcheza chidulo sadziwa, Kusungunula mgaiwa sadziwa,” sang the duo along with the patrons.

In an earlier interview, the duo said the album launch was in honour mothers.

“We love mothers and appreciate them for the role they play. This was special to make them happy,” said Kendall.

On Sunday, Mvange Arts sponsored the launch of a 27-piece poetry album dubbed Recite for Mothers at Zambezi Open Theatre. The event held in Lilongwe was also part of this year’s Mother’s Day celebrations.

Poets such as Sylvester Kalizang’oma, Luckier Chikopa, Raphael Sitima, Joseph Madzedze and Mervis Hunga took turns to recite about their love and appreciation for mothers.

One of the mothers, Lydia Phiri, said this was a unique experience.

“I have always celebrated Mothers’ Day by going to the lake. This poetry session is exciting and unique. I loved every bit of it,” she said.

On Friday, jazz maestro Owen Mbilizi set the tone with a Mother’s Day Special concert at Bicc with performances from the artist and the Jazz Café Band.

The event was characterised with poems and a buffet dinner.

Topping it all, artist mAdA released a special song for mothers to celebrate the day.

Titled Mama, the song basically praises mothers for their dedication to raising children.

“I could not think of a better way to celebrate the day than releasing the song and video,” said the artist whose real name is Madalitso Kalikokha.

Several other places were holding their small events to celebrate the day as we went to press

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