Celebrating talent, beauty in foreign land

Despite being far way from their motherland, Malawians living in South Cape Town, South Africa, continue to proudly celebrate their heritage.

From showing off their beauty, singing, dance, poetry, among others, the girls from Malawi  are ready. This year, taking place in Cape Town on December 26, at Camps Bay, the annual Miss Malawi Cape Town is on!

Buleya: These events are important

But why hold a contest in foreign land?

“We hold the beauty contest to celebrate Malawi’s culture, heritage and beauty as well as talents that the young Malawian women have while living abroad,” says Thoko Kuwali, who is the pageant’s founder.

He said through the event Malawian girls get to showcase their talents and knowledge about their culture.

“Just because they live here [South Africa] it does not mean that they stop being Malawians. We celebrate our talent, cultures and traditions by showcasing them while competing for the crown of Miss Malawi Cape Town. The local people that patronise the event as well as others from various countries get to appreciate our talents and cultures,” said Kuwali.

He said the pageant started in 2014.

“I remember during the first contest only 69 people came to watch. Now we have grown to having more than 350 people in attendance,” he said.

The beauty contest normally takes place on December 26.

The Miss Malawi Cape Town contest is open to Malawian young ladies aged between 18 and 30.

Kuwali explained that the pageant also incorporates music and cultural dances.

“Local Malawian artist do take part. Artists spice it up with their singing talent. Artists such as Sholiga from KBZ, Block and Blackasta from Mabilinganya as well as Tambo K the Cape Town Malawian diva will participate,” he said.

So far, 13 girls have confirmed to participate in the event but the organisers are hoping to get 15 girls.

Chief judge for the contest Chimwemwe Ngugi Buleya, who is the reigning Miss Malawi Second Princess, said they are looking for a Malawian young lady who is fearless and confident to represent herself at a larger audience and celebrate where they come from.

“These events are important. They bring out the best from you. They expose you to different opportunities as well as build up your self-confidence and self-esteem. So if young ladies feel they have the talent in something, beautiful and ready to grow their talent I would advise them to go ahead and give it a try,” she said.

Buleya, who is also the trainer of the contestants, has already started her job. “I have managed to interact with them and advised what is necessary to do in pageants,” she said.

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