Commonwealth body speaks on judges’ bribery

Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) has called for a speedy and independent inquiry into the alleged attempt to bribe judges presiding over the disputed presidential election case.

In a statement issued on January 14 2020, the CLA states in part: “Urges that a full and independent enquiry into the allegations of bribery of judges notes the importance to the rule of law of the independence of the Judiciary and the legal profession as described in Section 4 of the Latimer House Principles which noted: ‘An independent, impartial, honest and competent Judiciary is integral to upholding the rule of law, engendering public confidence and dispensing justice’.” 

Wrote the ACB: Nyirenda

The CLA call weighs in on various local institutions, experts and civil society that have also called for speedy investigations following revelations that Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda wrote an official complaint to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) over the allegations.

ACB director Reyneck Matemba on Tuesday addressed a press conference in Lilongwe where  he said a businessperson and a government employee approached members of the five-judge panel hearing the constitutional referral on the disputed elections with an offer of a bride. Malawi Law Society (MLS) also issued a statement condemning the alleged attempts to interfere with the election case results, asking the ACB to swiftly investigate and prosecute the culprits.

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