Do it APM, or else…

About two years might have passed, but I still remember the weird scene. We were driving from Manja Township with my colleague and friend Gomezgani Zakazaka after having one too many on one bright Saturday afternoon when we run out of gas near MBCtv offices.

We still had some ‘change’ enough for two litres and as we walked to Chitawira Service Station with a chigubu for a refill through Njamba Park short-cut, suddenly we heard a lady cry and felt she could have been in some sort of trouble. But alas! After rushing to the scene, we realised that they were actually screams of pleasure from a couple who were enjoying a game of ‘phada’.

It was after that incident that I learnt that the park is used for ‘short-time’ sessions by some naughty fun-seekers apart from those that go there to study, for braai or prayers.

And so when Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Minister Francis Kasaila told me last week that government had earmarked part of Njamba Park for the eagerly-awaited new stadium in Blantyre, the first thing that came to my mind was the couple we ‘disturbed’ on that lovely sunny afternoon. They now have to hunt for another venue.

That said, I hope it will not turn into another circus like Mzuzu Youth Centre where we have had three ground-breaking ceremonies. Hopefully, President Peter Mutharika will live up to his pre-election campaign promise to construct the stadium so that people from Blantyre and other surrounding areas can again watch high-profile matches, including international games.

If he doesn’t, then I will snatch the First Lady—madam Gert—from him and make her my ‘bae’. I am sure His Excellency wouldn’t imagine such a scenario. So, live up to your word APM or else you lose her. Wish you all a merry Christmas!  Uloliwe, uloliwe wayidudula neng’esiza ha! (Oh yes, the train is pushing). Glory be to God. n



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