Faith Mussa drops third album

Today is a big day for Afro soul musician Faith Mussa as he releases his third album and performs in South Africa.

The album; Kalilima, will be released in United     Kingdom (UK) under the Beating Heart label, according to Mussa.

“It will be on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Google play. We will share the links to our Malawi fans.  We have not yet set dates for the official launch, but my next tour will coincide with the release period.

Mussa: This is a fold music album

“So I will be performing the new songs in Spain, Canada and UK over the next three weeks,” he said.

In the album, Mussa has mixed his usual traditional  music elements where he plays a variety of instruments including the traditional Badza, Manjerenjeza and Mbalule with electronic beats, a manifestation of the nature of his one-man band.

He said: “The name is from a song; Kalilima Sole Kunyanja which most people might know. This album is a fold music album. I have played music inspired by old music sensations some of which were dying.

“Some of the music I created from the children’s play songs that I grew up singing with my friends.”

However, he says that does not mean he has taken a new approach altogether.

“I can’t say that I am taking this approach forever, no. As you know I also perform as a one-man band. The music I do is different from what I play with my full band,” said Mussa.

The album has songs like Ali Dere, Chimwana Changa, Werenga featuring Madalitso Band, Gass Chat, Ngoma, Ndi Konkuno, Kwanu Nkwanu, Pamudzi Pano and Aphiri.

It has been done in English and Chichewa. He said he worked for long time on the new album.

“I actually finished it before Mdidi. We had to release Mdidi first to give space for this one,”he said.

Mussa said the new album is under a proper record label unlike Mdidi which he released on his own.

According to the album producers; Beating Heart Project, Kalilima is a product of three years and multiple sessions that took place in a variety of places including a horse ranch, hotel rooms, balconies, a bell tent, a small village in Mchinji-Malawi and an orphanage.

“After touring the world, playing from Glastonbury to California, he released Mdidi in 2018. On his follow up album, Faith comes to life in much the same way he does live,” reads

Meanwhile, the award-winning artist will tonight be on a live DVD recording courtesy of the legendary gospel musician Benjamin Dube. nv

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