Finding joy in vintage styling

There is a new wave of fashion called vintage styling whose wind is blowing over the art and fashion landscape in Malawi.

The fashion captures styles and designs that rocked the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. It is basically a journey back to the classic dressing such as bell bottoms, dapped trousers, the loud coloured shirts complemented with very thick neckties.

Members of Dandies showing off their vintage outfits

The checked blazers also retain an element of flamboyance and pins are usually spotted on the lapel. The wide-brimmed hats known as fedoras and new-boys hats known as gatsby are also a regular feature.

One of the local groups that have epitomised the vintage styling art is Dandies, whose original is based in United Kingdom (UK). They say their love for dressing decent and smartly with focus on detail and style brought them together.

When one visits the social media pages of the group’s members, you are bound to be greeted by beautiful pictures depicting them in different classic designs taken from carefully identified locations and spots.

Leader of Dandies Chawa Mswayo said in an interview that their primary target is to revamp the old and classic fashion tastes and bring together people with similar passion for the style and encourage interaction.

He said the potential of the art lies on the influence which dressing has as an art and the need by people to look unique and outstandingly classic.

Mswayo said: “The doors have so far started opening. For instance, we have managed to influence a good number of people to dress in such a manner. Some are even calling us to dress for particular occasions.”

He said they are now pushing to expand their horizon by seeking opportunities to feature in events such as Lake of Stars (LoS) International Festival and other notable local fashion shows.

“Minus our growing presence on the social media, we have also featured in music videos of a number of artists,” he said. Social and art commentator Samuel Chiwaka said the trend of rocking back some classic old styles is common in other parts of the world such as Democratic Republic of Congo and UK and is associated with elegance and special dressing during special occasions.

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