Fresh calls for Ansah to resign

Experts have proposed an immediate dismissal of the current electoral commission following a court ruling which has established wrong doing in the management of the May 21 presidential elections.

In an interview with Nation Online Law Professor, Garton Kamchedzera, said Parliament should also change concentration of power in the presidency in the appointment of commissioners in line with the court order.

Ansah asked to resign

Kamchedzera said public officers who played a hand in messing up the elections must all be held accountable and that all commissioners and management of the electoral commission must be dismissed on grounds of incompetence.

“One would not expect the current president, who saw nothing wrong in how MEC conducted those elections, but went ahead to boast about his win, to be the same person to be making appointments or to proceed with the same modalities. One would expect that the reforms would start from there,” he said.

Political scientist Blessings Chinsinga also agrees with a call to fire commissioners and the management of MEC adding that the court order gives Malawi an opportunity to take its democratic governance back on track.

“I am surprised that they have not voluntarily resigned up to now. They do not have any iota of credibility and there should never be anywhere near Malawi electoral processes. They have let the nation down and they deserve to be shoveled into the hall of shame,” Chinsinga said.

Meanwhile, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President, Lazarus Chakwera, says MCP will remain vigilant to see to it that the orders of the court are respected. The MCP leader said everyone must play their role to ensure that the forthcoming polls reflect the will of people.

UTM’s Chidanthi Malunga said they are currently celebrating and will meet soon to map thea way forward.  While DPP’s spokesperson Nicholas Dausi said he needed to consult before making any comment.

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