Gendaball launch awaits structures

The Gendaball Steering Committee says the launch of the sport awaits setting up of structures at regional level.

The sport’s coordinator for the South Halmilton Kadyeremwana was responding to a question on the progress of the relatively new sport.

“We are slowly making progress, but we have not yet reached the level that we can go full-throttle.

Staff and students in Mpemba getting the feel of the game

“We are still courting potential partners and taking the game to as many areas as we can and, hopefully, by the end of the year, we should be somewhere,” he said.

On Friday, the committee took the game to Staff Development Institute in Mpemba where staff and students were taught on how it is played.

“The response has been overwhelming and the next step will be to help them form a team as we have done with other institutions,” said Kadyeremwana.

Victor Bokosi, a lecturer at the institute, described the sport as “exciting and unique”.

“It’s an enjoyable game and I like it,” he said.

In May this year, the committee organised a promotional exercise to enable Malawi National Council of Sports officials to sample the game.

Sports Council acting executive secretary Henry Mereka then tipped the sport’s steering committee to set up structures for it to qualify for support from government.

“It is quite exciting and easy to play and it has all the ingredients of a sport,” he said.

Mereka pledged the council’s support towards the steering committee in its quest to set up structures. The sport was invented by a Malawian Francis Mwalabu who is based in Ethiopia.

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