HD Plus Creations in movie project

Local video production firm, HD Plus Creations has embarked on its maiden film project titled Fatsani whose production is already underway. The film is expected to be on the screens in December this year.

The trailer of the movie, which was released online at the weekend, has attracted a lot of reactions with film lovers and critics admiring the quality of the picture. Producers of the film say 60 percent of the work has been completed.

Sukez: It has not been easy

The storyline revolves around an 11-year-old girl Fatsani. After her school was closed due to a water crisis and other issues bordering on corruption, she is forced to go on the street to sell bananas to help her sick grandmother.

Her stay in the streets is not easy as she is subjected to various forms of abuse. One of the directors of the film, Gift Sukez Sukali says the production tackles child labour, corruption, girl-child education and other social ills.

The film, whose storyline was developed by Sukez, Gilbert Moyo and Hastings Golosi, is the first movie project for the producers and they have admitted it has been a challenge piecing  the story together.

Sukez said: “It has not been easy. But we have relied on the experience tapped from the various projects that we have done in the past. That has helped us a lot and the whole team has displayed huge commitment to have our first movie as HD Plus out.”

He was in Australia recently where he was involved in the production of three films and worked alongside top directors and filmmakers such as makers of movies such as Ghost Rider and Fury Road from Fox Studios.

Sukez says the experience provided useful insights into this project: “The trip has helped me a lot. I am able to apply the knowledge I gained there. It has been a great investment for me.”

Co-director Moyo said the project demanded so much patience from the team as work on the film started in 2014, but the actual shooting of the film only started last year. He said it has been a great learning process whose rewards will come in the end.

“The cast is not that big but we have a lot of extras, especially for the scenes we shot in public such as markets. If we can put it in numbers, we can say the main characters do not exceed 20,” he said. Some of the names featuring in the film include Kelvin Ng’oma who also starred in the Hollywood film The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind, Patrick Mhango, Hannah Sukali, Edwin Chonde and Uthandiwe Chidambo.

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