If I were Nicholas Dausi

Minister of Information and Communications Technology, I would not claim that government is serious to ensure that electricity challenges are resolved forever when persistent power blackouts paint a totally grim picture.

If I were my good friend Nick, who is the official government spokesperson, I would realise that if government were serious, it would have sent a high-profile   representative on Natural Resources to a recent high-level stakeholders’ meeting with the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi.

Oh yes, if I were the minister,  I would realise that all the jazz about government’s seriousness to end electricity challenges for good has been there for years since we learnt that monkeys had the muscle to switch off the national grid. Proposed solutions are now turning into a song.

Considering the prevailing energy crisis, I would further realise that government, through its Minister of Energy and Mining Aggrey Masi, needs to intervene instead of leaving the show to Escom alone.

That is if I were Nick, but I am not the government spokesperson.

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