Jai, Lucius bury hatchet


Long time music promoter Jai Banda and revered musician Lucius Banda have finally buried their differences and teamed up for the Sound and Light Concert slated for this month end.

The two Bandas have not seen eye to eye with each other for almost as yearwith each of them doing musical projects without involving the other. However, both parties say they needed to make a decision and take a path which would benefit the music industry above anything else.

Jai, the brain behind the Sound and Light Concert under his Entertainers Promotions, has included Lucius to be a part of a long cast of artists expected to perform in Salima at Sunbird Livingstonia Beach at the two day musical event to run from September 29th to 30th.

Lucius: Our differences left young musicians in an awkward position

Speaking in separate interviews with Malawi News Agency (Mana), the two Bandas said they are delighted to open a new chapter in their working relationship which has been arrived at with the aim to grow the industry.

“For the good of the industry, we have made the decision to move on from our differences and start working together again as was the case before and I guess this decision will excite a lot of Malawians,” said Jai, a private practive lawyer.

He said as a reciprocal gesture which will underline their brotherhood, Entertainers Promotion will later this year also support the Sand Music Festival which is under Lucius’ Impakt Events stable.

For his part, Lucius confirmed his planned participation at the Sound and Light Concert. He said they arrived at the decision after considering several factors like the corporate sponsors they partner with and the young artists who look up to them as role models in the industry.

“We had to look at what stood to benefit more out of our differences between our personal egos and the industry we love so much,” he said.

Lucius added that the corporate world which they both rely on was geting scared because the environment created was not healthy for them.

“Besides that, the young musicians we work with were left in an awkward situation as to where they could pledge their loyalty and allegiance,” said Lucius.

The Sound and Light Concert returns to Salima’s Livingstonia Beach after a two-year break.

Jai has indicated that their intention is to surpass the standards set in 2015.

“We will transform Livingstonia Beach. We will have two separate stages complete with lighting. The beach itself will have a dancing arena, smoke and bubble machines will hang from the trees which will also be covered with complete lighting,” revealed Jai in an interview.

He also said they are continuing on improving the sound output and that the platform would offer them the chance to showcase their latest big stage which will provide extra room for performing artists.

Over 150 security personnel will provide security for the event, lifeguards will also be in attendance to ensure safety of those close to the water, the Carlsberg fan truck will also be present.

Meanwhile the organisers are engaged in talks with the management of Livingstonia Beach Hotel so that drinks should be sold at an affordable price during the concert. n

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