Kim of Diamonds drop new single

One of the country’s music artists Kim of Diamonds has announced the release of her new single titled Something New.

The single, which is full of sarcastic lyrics and of international standard, is a blend of disco/funk vibes; upbeat tempo and easy to catch chorus.
In an interview, Kim, real name Kimberley Kaunda, said she decided to come up with the song with the motive of encouraging people who are in love to start something new in case of disagreements.

Kim: It is inspired by love

She said the track is perfect for the festive season.
Kim said: “I just want to encourage people to start something new, openly appreciate and show love to the ones we love. That’s one of the reasons I wrote the song.

“It is inspired by love relationships. From the things you like, from the person you’re with, to the little things they do that make you smile and feel appreciated, to experiencing life together, through ups and downs.
“It’s alright to show your partner off. I feel we don’t do that enough. Life is too short to not express how good and wonderful people you love make you feel.”

The artist, who has three albums to her credit; Freedom, The Revolution and KIM of Diamonds, describes 2018 as an extraordinary year in her musical life.

She said: “The year has been amazing for me musically. Looking back where I am coming from and where I am going, a lot of growth and learning has happened. I have written so many songs that are yet to be recorded and released, so the songwriting side of things has been incredible.”
Kim said one huge win for her this year was when she performed at Lake of Stars festival.

“It was an experience I will never forget. Meeting and sharing the stage with some international artists has really made this year one of the best for me,” she said.

Asked on her plans in the coming year, Kim said she is looking forward to doing collaborations with international artists and more live performances with her band, The Diamonds.

The new single was recorded and produced at Exclusive records in Lilongwe by BFB.

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