Local filmmaker cherishes ‘Hollywood’ experience

Local filmmaker Sukez, real name Gift Sukali, has spoken of the great experience he and his HD Plus Creations team had during the making of an international movie titled Whistle Blower.

The movie, under Screen Australia, was shot in Australia, China and Malawi. It saw the local media company HD Plus Creations leading as a film fixer as they shot scenes in Malawi.

Sukez (wearing cap) and other members on set

Sukali said: “I remember we spent 21 continuous days looking for places and ended up finding the perfect location in Mzuzu and Nkhata Bay. Working with these big producers, cinematographers, drone operators, directors, among others, made me realise how big this industry can be and I also learnt a lot from these fellows.”

He said he cannot wait to apply what he learned during the process to his own film projects in future.

In a separate interview with if.com.au, Screen Australia CEO Graeme Mason described his collaborations with various production houses which involved HD Plus Creations as amazing.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for creative partners to come together and do a perfect story, share skills sets and benefit from the financial incentives offered by all countries,” he said.

The Whistle Blower is a Chinese film set in Australia and Africa. Its movie trailer was released on Friday and the movie is slated to premiere later this month.

The movie is directed by Xiaolu Xue and some of its main actors are Jiayin Lei, Wei Tang and John Batchelor.

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