Malawi student directs Africa body

International Federation of Medical Students Association (Ifmsa), a medical students’ global forum for discussing and initiating medical projects, has elected College of Medicine (CoM) final year student Parth Patel as its regional director for Africa.

According to Ifmsa’s letter of appointment, he assumes the office immediately and will maintain the position up to September next year.

Patel: I believe this acts as motivation for Malawian medical students

In an interview yesterday, Patel expressed enthusiasm at the appointment.

He said: “My major focus this year is enhanced external representation of the African region, ranging from partnerships with healthcare organisations and international health advocates.

“I believe this acts as motivation for Malawian medical students because they  now know that with the skills they acquire at College of Medicine, they are capable to stand up to medical students from the rest of the world.”

In a telephone interview yesterday, Medical Students Association of Malawi chairperson Glory Sefu said this was a big achievement for Malawi and its medical students.

She said: “This is exciting for us because as an association, we weren’t on the  [international] scene. However, now Malawi can take part in global discussions and be a part of the change that medical students worldwide make.”

Patel was elected at the Ifmsa General Assembly in August in Montreal, Canada, where all 125 national member organisations of the association were represented.

This is the first time, since the formation of Ifmsa in 1951 that a Malawian student has been elected to the position.

Patel will be overseeing all activities and projects within the region.

Currently, Africa has 18-member countries in Ifmsa.


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