Moses shumba shines

His hands have produced rich and complex beats that enabled various artists to easily entertain Malawians.

Moses Shumba, 28, has done so many hit songs. He is one of the top notch youthful music producers in the country.

Though the name might sound new to majority of the population, he has been in the industry since 2006 working on songs that enthralled the youth and senior citizens alike.

Moshu (on keys), Namadingo (L) and Mitengeli choir master on the microphone with other admirers in the background

While your lips pursed to the above line, wait. It is on merit to say Shumba alias Moshu is exceptional and artistic.

He is the brain behind instrumental compilations of Atoht Manje’s Kunong’a, Che Patuma, Majelasi and Tizipepeseko hits.

Moshu is also behind Patience Namadingo’s reggae mash ups that are currently trending. He also produced Mitengeli’s trending hit song Ndalama which features Namadingo. His production prowess has seen him work with many artists, including Mafo, Pachalo Jere, JJ Kutsokwe and Jungle Jex.

His versatility has made him a force to reckon with in production of social relatable tunes that soothes souls.

Unlike most of his fellow youthful producers who are limited to urban genres, Moshu also does Malawian traditional beats: gule wamkulu, manganje, chimtali and vimbuza, among others.

In an interview, Moshu says he is committed to provide adorable and classic songs for targeted audience pleasure.

“Malawians deserve the best from anything to music. As a music creator, I make sure to give them apt songs that are exciting,” he said.

Moshu said excellent output is not about equipment, but the use and understanding of what people need to listen to.

“I am open-minded and I work on any piece whether urban or traditional song,” he said.

The teacher at Music Crossroads Academy in Lilongwe is not your ordinary skid row producer spoon-fed by computers and fruity loops. In the booth, he compiles beats using real instruments.

This is what separates him from the crowd. He is one of the few producers in the country who record music with real instruments. 

He said: “Apart from computer and fruity loops, I complete my beats with input of external instruments. But most of the times I record real instruments. I play bass guitar, drums and I am magical on piano. Malawians should expect projects that will penetrate and compete on international stages from me.”

Moshu traces his roots in audio production to 2006 at the age of 14 while a Form Two student at Chipasula Secondary School in Lilongwe.

“My passion for music flourished when I joined Youth Revival Melodies Choir at Mnkhumbu CCAP.

“I always wanted our songs to be recorded in a professional and unique way so I started learning production on my own using old computers and knowledge from Mphatso Mbira. After mastering the skill, I started recording the choir’s songs,” he said.

He opened his studio in 2010 called Moshu Records in Area 24, Lilongwe.

Moshu advises fellow producers to encourage artists to sing, not  to let machines warble for them.

“We have to keep it real and not passive by tolerating clients to copycat others. Compile less foreign beats, but more local touches. Do not sugar-coat artists with auto tunes. They should sing soft voices on their own,” he says.

The producer who holds a diploma in computer engineering says producers should also first understand music to competently handle recording equipment.

In a separate interview, musician Atoht Manje said he is delighted to have had the opportunity of working with Moshu.

Said Manje: “He is real and unique. His works glow and are in class of the late producer Joseph Tembo. He uses real instruments that make songs appealing to the masses.”

He advised other artists to seek Moshu’s services to grow in the industry, saying the producer has vast knowledge about music and produces hit songs.

Moshu adored works of late Joseph Tembo and admires outputs of Mavin Record Label producer Don Jazzy.

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