Music association: To have or not?

seven years ago an agreement was reached to abolish what was the Musicians Association of Malawi (MAM). The decision was made in favour of having a union body and the Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) was born.

The move meant all issues to do with the aspirations, welfare and interests of musicians now rested in the hands of the union. Despite resistance from some quarters, the proponents of that change got their way. And just like that, MAM was deregistered.

All seemed well in the union nest until recently. Some musicians have started advocating for the revamping of the Musicians Association. The group has raised its discontent over how the nitty-gritties-especially matters of musicians’ development-are being handled.

They want the industry to grow. The musicians want to be given the required attention and all the actionable decisions being made regarding their growth. This is not happening to the required levels.

Now the solution, to them, is reinstituting the Musicians Association. Whether they have raised their grievances with the Union leadership so they could be looked into before taking the next step, we are not sure.

It appears the only way forward for them now is to have MAM back and nothing short. They look so determined to have it their way. Mobilisation meetings with other stakeholders and players within the system have already been lined up.

The team has some fine minds, a mixture of young and experienced players. Therefore, the notion that the move is just out of sheer excitement does not hold, at least for now. They must have noted something hence their agitations.

After all it is their democratic right to form or belong to any association of their choice. So, in that regard there is no one who can stand in their way. Neither are they saying let us break away from the union or let us dissolve the union: they want MAM and MAM to operate concurrently.

If you would ask me I would tell you to go and grant the musicians their wish. If we have MAM and MUM running off each other there is no harm and no one stands to lose in any way. Maybe they can even complement each other perfectly in their efforts. Who knows?

Every block should be given a chance to carry out its mission in a way they believe is the best in improving the standards of music in Malawi. In that posterity will have a better instrument to judge the two entities.

If one group appears to hinder the efforts of the other to be in existence, then questions behind their motive will be asked. As different as the values and objectives of the two blocks may be, but somewhere along the line their interests will still meet.

Let us hope MUM will give a chance to MAM to be what it wants to be and MAM should also let MUM be what it should be.

And then…

Was this supposed to come in the last entry for 2019 or the first of 2020? Suffice it is here now and today. No questions or reservations. I have to register this here with all my might and sincerity.

This goes to all the readers and followers of this page. Every week as we touch on this issue and that issue you are there to be part of the story. Your constructive feedback that you offer through varied modes is the reason why we are still here bringing the snippets in the arts and entertainment industry.

Myself and the whole team behind this page, are always indebted to your contributions. Through your feedback you reflect on us what can constitute an ideal This And That. Though we fall short at times but believe me we will always try. Continue being part of this story. Cheers!

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