Music meets poetry

It is not every day that music and poetry are dished out in the same plate. But tomorrow evening, music and poetry lovers in Blantyre have a chance to get a dose of the two art facets.

Poet Qabaniso Malewezi comes face to face with musician Faith Mussa at an event dubbed Up Close And Personal to be held at Villa 33.

Fresh from their appearances at the just-ended Lake of Stars (LoS) Festival in Nkhata Bay, the two will look to rekindle their romance with Blantyre.

Malewezi: These are two art forms that complement each other

This will be the first time for Mussa to perform in the city since his return from his world tour last month. It will also be the first time since the release of his latest album Kalilima.

Mussa said he is looking forward to sharing music from his new album and the stories behind the songs.

He said in an interview with Chill: “It has been weeks of intensive rehearsals as we knew we had two sets ahead of us lined up. We are definitely ready for this, no doubt. The other purpose for this show is to share my music since I am not selling CDs as I usually do.”

 Commenting on his new album, Mussa said he is impressed with the reception it has received judging by the number of downloads it has received since its release.

On the other hand, the poet said the platform is ideal as it will allow him to read poems that he would not in other settings.

“These are two art forms that complement each other. The platform is ideal for poetry because of its intimate setting,  said Malewezi in an interview.

He last performed in Blantyre during his People Tour in 2017 and he has not hidden his delight on the prospect of gracing the Southern Region comforts again. It will also be a moment when he will unveil his recently released book Little Discoveries to his fans.

The book is a collection of poems covering such themes as love, loss, dreams and conflict.

“I will recite a few definitely. I feel most of the material is that type that people need to read on their own and in their own time,”  said Malewezi. 

According to Mussa’s manager, Sam Chiwaka, who is behind the organisation of the event, the show will be punctuated by an interactive question and answer sessions to give a chance to the audience to ask questions about Mussa’s music and the inspiration behind it.

He said: “The idea is to keep the live performances as fresh and creative as possible so that people should feel a different and unique experience. During all our concerts, we just don’t want people to come and listen to the music but to experience it.”

Chiwaka said, among other changes, to the event is reduction of the number of tickets to 60. He said they have done this to create an intimate atmosphere since it will be more of an interactive session.

Apart from Mussa and Malewezi, no one else will grace the stage on Saturday. Refreshments will also be served on the house. 

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