Mzuzu welcomes summer with two carnivals

Summer is here! Let the festivities begin! This is what lingers in the minds of fun-seekers as they lookout to various arts and music festivals taking place along the shores of Lake Malawi.

The green city Mzuzu hosts the inaugural two-day Kukaya Urban Music Festival and the Night of Giants music show, set just about 20 metres apart.

Some quarters have criticised organisers for hosting two big events close to each other on the same day.

Will perform at Night of Giants: ‘Soldier’ Lucius Banda

But despite the perceived negative effects of the clash, the two events promise to bring maximum entertainment for gig-goers in the city.

On the menu is urban music, reggae, games and an exhibition for traditional foods.

Mzuzu-based Ndagha Lodge through its restaurant, Ntchezo Corner, is the Kukaya festival official kitchen and has promised to provide ‘Kukaya food recipes’ at the maiden event taking place at Mzuzu Stadium.

Ntchezo Corner manager ChimwemweMsukwa said the festival offers an opportunity for Mzuzu-based industries to market the recipes and various tasty snacks that define Mzuzu.

“A lot of traditional food is missed by a lot of people. We want to take advantage of the festival to bring out what people need,” he said.

Apart from the food exhibition, the festival has lined up about 50 artists, including Patience Namadingo, Gwamba, Wikise and Suffix, among others.

On the other hand, the Night of the Giants brings together the Black Missionaries, Anthony Makondetsa, Lucius Banda and  Zembani Band, KhozieMasimbe and YanjaniChumbu, among others.

Squirrels Park managing director KeliophasTobius said The Night of Giants is an annual event to celebrate the existence of Squirrels Park, which was opened in 2016.

“It is an anniversary event to celebrate our existence as Squirrels Park. We do this every August by inviting the music giants in the country to celebrate with us,” he said.

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