Namadingo takes his hat off to Lulu

It is rare that players from the same industry go public appreciating each other’s ingenuity. But in a pure act of class, musician Patience Namadingo has saluted the genius in his fellow artist Lulu.

On the day that the acoustic music ace dropped his sixth album Better In Your Arms at Bingu International Convention Centre (Bicc) in Lilongwe, Namadingo went to town showering praises on his counterpart for his outstanding contribution in shaping the local music landscape.

Brothers in the game: Namadingo (R) admires the artistic prowess of Lulu (L)

In his hearty communication posted on his official Facebook page, the Mtendere hitmaker did not only stop at praising the big talent that is Lulu but also urged fans to go and witness his album launch.

“Malawi music landscape was changed by this genius. From the days he made Magwiragwira to Mbambande, to Kumalembe and all the way to Tsogolo and the most recent Hanna and all the hits that have followed and many more yet to come,” reads part of Namadingo’s post.

In his long post, Namadingo further said Lulu is a special talent and a treasure that Malawi as a nation should cherish even when the artist is long gone.

He said: “His days to make music are as many as the movements of his fingers on his guitar. I will say tonight is the night to watch Lulu again if you have watched him before. Help me wish all the best to an extremely talented man like no other in his class.”

In an interview, Namadingo said it is only normal for respect to be accorded to those who deserve it because of their efforts in various fields.

“As someone who fully understands what it means to create art which is impressive, Lulu deserves to be saluted for his work and fully supported,” he said.

On his part, Lulu said he felt humbled to receive such kind of support and appreciation from a fellow professional.

He said: “This is so moving. There is mutual respect between us. He is one guy who has made it clear that I have inspired his way into music. I have huge admiration for his work too. Some people are just full of jealousy but there is just too much room in music for each one of us to exist uniquely.”

Lulu said he was grateful for the support he received during the preparation of his album launch and on the actual day of the event.

Lawyer Emmanuel Theu paid K2.5 million for one of the first copies of the new CD.

The artist said plans are underway to have another launch in Blantyre.

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