Nice commends improved local governance in Balaka

National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust says health service charters can improve service delivery and relationship between patients and health workers.

Speaking last Friday at Namanolo when he visited a Tilitonse Foundation funded project in Balaka, Nice executive director OllenMwalubunju said the initiative will reduce problems communities experience when accessing health services.

Mwalubunju with community leaders
at Namanolo

He said: “I am impressed with the impact Tilitonse Foundation and ‘Kalondolondo’ projects have had on the local community’s welfare.

“We understand the problem of health workers reporting late for duty at Namanolo Health Centre has been solved and tracking projects have improved.”

Mwalubunju said the ultra-poor raised the issue of paying for health passports and promised to forward the complaint to relevant authorities.

Group village head Mkwepele said the community is now able to track  projects such as school improvement grants and demand quality services as outlined in the service charter.

“We now enjoy health services at Namanolo Clinic without interruption,” he said.

Tilitonse is implementing a Strengthening Local Governance for Improved Service Delivery through Civic Innovation and Crowd Sourcing project in Balaka. 

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