Partnership uplifts Chiradzulu CCAP


Chiradzulu CCAP congregation has made probably one of the fastest steps in development in Blantyre Synod, thanks to the congregation’s partnerships and individual well-wishers.

In three years, Chiradzulu congregation has built a manse and a church. Both structures were dedicated to the service of the Lord last Sunday.

“The church building preaches of the unity between the congregation [Chiradzulu] and its partners. The development has brought joy to the presbytery and the entire synod,” said Chiradzulu Presbytery clerk the Reverend Charles Ntonya.

The clergy walk away from the new manse (in background) after
dedicating it to the Lord

The church and the manse were built with contributions from local members with a financial push from Bethany Presbyterian Church (USA), partner churches in Malawi and several individuals, including Chiradzulu North parliamentarian Willet Kalonga.

Transformation that the Chiradzulu Mission has undergone in three years was enough reason for Senior Chief Mpama to stammer when he addressed the gathering last Sunday.

“I am stammering because this is a big event. It is a big day, a happy day. I never expected to see this place as bright as it is today. We have seen what our parents never anticipated,” said the visibly excited senior chief.

Carl Suppo from Bethany Presbyterian Church is another person who is at loss for words with what their two-year partnership with Chiradzulu CCAP has achieved.

“God has done a wonderful thing through people like Abusa [Joseph] Maganga. In the past eight months we have repaired the manse. We have the house, solar power and a garage,” said Suppo.

The opening of the manse and the church building was a befitting milestone for the 130th anniversary celebration for the Chiradzulu CCAP Mission, which was inhabited in 1887.

The joy of seeing the transformation of the mission centre has motivated the Chiradzulu CCAP moderator the Reverend Maganga to lay bare the church’s dream of constructing a secondary school.

This is good news for Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Joseph Mwanamvekha who said, President Peter Mutharika, whom he represented at the event, was educated in CCAP schools.

“The President is thankful because he is also a member of the CCAP, and was educated in a CCAP school,” Mwanamvekha said.

Blantyre Synod general secretary the Reverend Alex Maulana attributed the instant success to unity within the church and partnership with other benefactors.

“Where there is unity and respect good things happen,” said reverend Maulana.

While the church is happy with what it has achieved so far, the dream to build on requires congregants who appreciate the importance of giving to God’s work.

“When the church says we must contribute to church work, this is what we achieve in the end,” said Kalonga. n

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