Piksy sings against ‘lies’ on social media

Musician Piksy, real name Evance Zangazanga, has released a single in which he is condemning lies some people peddle on social media.

Titled Chonchobe, the song talks about how people post things on social media about their lives that are not true.

“Many people today pretend on social media. They will post photos and situations with the aim of making people think they are rich or are happily in love while the  reality on the ground is completely different,” said Piksy.

Piksy: People believe everything that they see on social media

He said though everyone has the right to post what they want on social media, the sad part is that some of the lies and unrealistic things that people post affect others who strive to achieve the same with no luck.

“It is because of this that I was motivated to write the song. Many people believe everything that they see on social media not knowing that many are lies,” he said.

Piksy added that in the song he is telling those who post lies on social media that people like himself know those lies but choose to keep quiet.

Talking about the response the song is getting since its release last Friday, Piksy said he is pleased with the feedback.

“I am sure by next week the song will be everywhere. I am glad that my fans get the message and are supporting the song,” he said.

In part Piksy sings: “Mboba Osaphweketsa

Game pamwamba osadekhetsa

Fans yavaya utsala wekha

Ukapusa sudzawapeza

Siukudabwa kumufila neba

Ndiyeno madolo aku pretender

Timawadziwa nde ndingo setter

Kutinamiza they are doing better

Ukumva bwanji nthupi Chonchobe

Bwanji mwavala juzi


Ma post timawaona mboba oh sorry

Timadziwa kuti mukunama koma chonchobe,” 

The artist said the song is a single and not part of an album project.

“I cannot wait to perform the song on stage. It will be very soon,” he said.

Reacting to the new song, Lucy Kabwazi, a music fan, wrote on Facebook: “Pikys is getting better with time. This song is attacking people who boast on social media but he has done it so artistically. I love it.”

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