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Up-and-coming poet, Watipaso Nungu, is set to engage another gear into the journey in the world of spoken word with a prelude to his forthcoming EP.

With seven pieces put together, Nungu is set to launch his first EP in  December this year. But prior to that, he will be at the Story Club in Lilongwe on November 9 for a prelaunch performance.

Nungu: I will be performing pieces that are in the EP

“I have organised the event to give people a taste of what’s going to be in the EP because I will actually be performing pieces that are in the EP. What I hope to achieve with the event is to create hype for the release,” he said.

Nungu said he hopes to get feedback from people so that if there is anything to fix, he should do so and perfect his work for the release in December.

The EP was inspired by the impact family has on a person, he said.

Said Nungu: “We live in a society where there is rarely a relationship between parents and children. And there is the issue of meeting relatives you know nothing about.

Observing this surrounding and being a part of it is what inspired me to write the EP. So the stories in the EP are about family, about the necessity of cherishing the importance and impact it has on a person.

“There are poems like Kumudzi which talks about the necessity of knowing our relatives, not just when there is a funeral. Then there is another poem such as Sons of War, it talks about sons that are constantly fighting to be better men,” he said.

The EP was recorded by Lilongwe-based Eril and Mike Chimombo.

“They did a wonderful job and I cannot wait for people to sample the collection. Afterwards, the plan is to release it on December 10. It will, however, be an online launch,” he said.

Commenting on the content and messaging, Chimombo said: “It is relevant to address this issue that a family has a huge responsibility on a person’s growth and development.

“Family members tend to be idols to the young ones, so if they are exposed to immoral and unethical views from their elders, they tend to be alike.”

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