‘Rashy’ buys luxury bus for Nomads


Be Forward Wanderers FC board of trustees chairperson Rashid ‘Rashy’ Gaffar says he has fulfilled his promise to buy the team a luxury coach.

The businessperson was clarifying on the 65-seater Scania Gumtree bus which the Nomads used in their Carlsberg Cup quarter-final match against Azam Tigers at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre on Sunday whose images went viral on social media.

Gaffar: I promised

“Earlier this year, I promised the supporters that I would buy the team a proper luxury bus, this was after we endured taunts when ‘neba’ [Nyasa Big Bullets] bought theirs.

“So, I have lived to that pledge and I have bought a 72-seater Higer luxury bus which is on its way from China and it should be here by next week,” he said.

Gaffar said the one which the Nomads used on Sunday was also his.

“I bought it recently from some people and I just wanted the players to get the feel of it as they await theirs,” said Gaffar.

He stressed that there are no strings attached to the bus he has bought for the team, insisting: “It is just a gift following the promise which I made bwana.”

The Nomads general secretary Mike Butao said they knew that Gaffar would fulfil his promise.

“He always keeps his promises, but I wouldn’t want to pre-empt what is on the cards, we will talk more once the bus arrives,” he said.

For the past couple of years, the Lali Lubani Road outfit has been using a 26-seater Nissan Carvan bus which they won in the two-legged Luso TV Bus Ipite Bonanza after beating Bullets 5-1 on aggregate. n

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