Rock City closes down in Lilongwe

Months after opening and establishing itself as one of the venues for live entertainment, Rock City has closed down.

Random spot-checks by The Nation established that the trendy pub has closed shop together with other entertainment joints in the capital city, including the New Centre Point.

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One of Rock City owners, Michael Jana said in an interview the decision was made by the management.

“Yes. The directors decided to suspend all Rock City activities indefinitely due to management issues. This stands until the next strategic meeting makes new decisions,” he said.

Asked as to how soon the meeting will take place, Jana said: “I don’t know.”

The Rock City opened its doors in December last year as an entertainment and arts centre.

It was a partnership born out of passion for music after the three individuals behind it participated in the music industry in Malawi and internationally in different capacities such as performing live and in studio.

In a separate interview, Centre Point owner, Wyson Kapito said the pub that was situated near Immigration Offices in Lilongwe was closed down due to lack of business.

“There are a number of reasons but the main one is there is no business. We were spending almost K2 million in a month in terms of rentals, utilities and salaries but for the past three months, there were few people patronising the place.

“Then there is another problem of political insecurity in the country where businesses retire early for the day or not opening at all as a result of what Malawi is going through,” said Kapito.

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