Shammah Vocals ready with new album

Fast rising gospel artist Shammah Vocals says he is ready with his second album titled Asamala Yehovah.

The artist, who rose to fame with the release of his debut album No Reverse, says he has done all the songs alone.

“This album has been inspired by my upbringing. Things I have seen, and from all that I’ve learnt one thing that despite the hard times God cares,” said the artist, real name Shammah Stola.

Shammah Vocals: I have a lot to deliver

He said the album comprises a number of genres like afro soul, R ‘n’ B and afro pop.

“I tried my best to make them sound Malawian as some of the songs have Tonga and manganje elements,” he said.

Stola said he has worked very hard on the album to solidify his status on the music scene.

“I have a lot to deliver as this is the first launch as Shammah Vocals and I have been preparing for so long. I want to show what Malawians have never seen before,” he said.

From the few songs that The Nation has sampled, it is clear that the artist’s strength lies in vocals as he has both a strong and melodious voice.

On his song Ndilalikabe done in afro pop, Shammah Vocals sings in part….

“Ndilalikabe ambuye akubwera, tsegula mtima ambuye alowe

“Tidzaimbabe ambuye akubwera, tsegula mtima mbuye alowe

“Pang’ono, pang’ono, Delilah akukopa, tsegula iwe alowe

“Pang’ono pang’ono Samson akugona, tsegula iwe alowe”  

During the launch of the 10-track album, Shammah Vocals will be supported by Faith Mussa and Olivia from Zambia.

The artist is signed under the management of Nthanda Artworks. 

This is Shammah Vocals second album following his debut album No Reverse released in 2013. Some of his hit songs are Daily, My Zoe and No Reverse.

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