Should I trust hubby with a cute maid?

Dear BMW,

I am 23, happily married with two children. For six months now, we have had a house girl who is very good with the kids and at her work. She lights up the house and my kids adore her. The cooking is on point and the house is even cleaner than some six star hotels.

There is, however, one disturbing situation. Although everything about her is perfect, she is too beautiful for my liking. She has this hour-glass figure that I cannot match. Her boobs bounce at every moment and her thighs would send any man to the ground. I can only imagine what has been going through my man’s mind lately.

The maid has also been doing those things women do to attract my man’s attention when he is in the house. She knows she is cuter than me and that he looks at her. I am not gas lighting this issue, I have caught him several times staring at her. And, last week, I found him speaking to her, a thing he has not done to previous maids.

My worry is that my hubby, who travels a lot and has not been at home a lot the past six months, wants to take his annual leave and spend his holiday at home with the kids.

Should I trust my man?

Katundu VN, via WhatsApp, Blantyre

Dearest KVN,

Either you are high on some drugs or you have had too many Hunters Dry! Who would not want their man to spend a holiday at home? Do you want your man to go away and ogle at some women in Zanzibar? What nonsense is this?

The girl is just a maid for goodness’ sake. Who said house-helps should be ugly as hell? Why do women brew a storm in a tea cup? Can’t a maid be beautiful and celebrate it in peace without women who sleep in leggings poke their noses in her affairs? Why are you so insecure and jealous of a girl who is working hard to look just fine?

The fact that she is attractive and perfect in every way does not increase the likelihood that your hubby may want to be with her, of course, I am not sure about it. But for a man to want to get jiggy-jiggy with a labourer that his wife has engaged in the house, it has to come from divine intervention. Read the story of Abraham and Hagar in Genesis. These things don’t just happen.

Biggy is aware that the thought of your man being stuck with a beautiful lady in a house day after day after day will eat you, but if you love your man, let him enjoy his holiday at home. As the adage goes, ‘better the devil you know than one you don’t know’.

Lastly, if I were him, I would take a long holiday and stay home, too. Oooh! Yes, why not?

Amayi mulibe chikondi inu!

Big Man Wamkulu

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