So many parallel institutions in service delivery

Dear judge Mbadwa,

My lord, the dust is still swirling on the alleged sale of Leave-More-Poor Secondary school land in the capital city. People are shocked that unpatriotic officers are conniving with some unscrupulous individuals to sell government land like pancakes yet the whole Cabinet minister was downplaying the issue.

My lord, the minister responsible for land seem not to be aware that he is heading a ministry that is rotten to the core and mired in corruption as candidly put by his controlling officer .

The problem I have, my lord, is that the minister, who should have been on top of his game, is having a false consciousness of reality on the levels of corruption in land sale in Nyasaland.

With the response we got from the minister, you don’t expect that slimming vice of corruption to be rooted out any sooner in his ministry.

We expect a series of rebuttals again to be shoved down the throats of gullible citizens who will not interrogate the issue further as those responsible will walk free again.

But how have we reached this far? My lord, I think we have created a culture where people take advantage of the loopholes in the system to enrich themselves at the expense of a miserable taxpayer.

My lord, we have the habit of creating parallel entities whenever we realise that normal channels can be circumvented in the public service delivery.

Remember that we have had Escom 2 operating in the country, taking advantage of the inefficiencies of the utility company to swindle out unsuspecting consumers.

Not long ago, my lord, the media reported how some waterboard employees created a parallel account where millions that ended in their pockets were being deposited.

My lord, at the rate we are going in the country, I don’t know whether this nation was sold long time ago to the highest bidder.

I am no longer sure that the people we are dealing with at various levels, including politicians, are real or their proxy.

Aren’t we being served by parallel hospitals with parallel doctors, drinking water from parallel water board and using power from parallel Escom and living on land bought from parallel Lands Office or are we being led by parallel leaders?

Any wonder that most cases about these issues die a natural death? Perhaps they are handled by the parallel police and courts that dispense parallel justice.

But what has baffled me most is that we never interrogated our land laws when they were being amended, something that has made land acquisition a preserve of few rottenly rich exploiters.

We timidly accepted everything in it hook, line and sinker and now we are left groaning and mourning.

An audit on who owns prime land in the country should tell us that our land laws are not serving the best interests of Nyasas.

My lord, I want to file an application against the land minister on this important issue only that I am no longer sure whether the lawyer I will be using is real or the minister I will be suing is not parallel himself. I hope your court, too, is authentic. Otherwise I will take my time or you’re a fake judge Mbadwa.

Meanwhile I am biding my time,


Nzika Yeniyeni

With Emmanuel Luciano

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