Why do you hate women

Dear BMW,

I belong to WhatsApp group for disgruntled MG2s. My friends and I are damn sure you hate women. All of us see as a fundamental hatred against women on your part. We see a lot of chauvinistic tendencies in you.

Why we say so, you may ask? In every response to problems presented to you by us, MG2s in particular, you exhibit an underlying hatred for women, most times berating and scolding them and even insulting their dignity. Are we not humans?

From your tone, one can tell that you are a bitter man, who has no woman in his life. Or women have rejected your sexual advances and you have an axe to grind with them. If I am to be blunt with you, your bitterness is typical of a two-minute man!

Like some women, who have complained against you before, I too have read all your columns since inception and I pity the women that you have victimised with your callousness and insensitivity.

My only advice to you is that you find yourself a voluptuous woman and take off some steam, because at the rate you are going, you will one day hang yourself.

I pity you Biggie!

Chairlady, MG 2 Group

Dearest a chair,

Nonsense, I am Big Man Wamkulu, not Oprah Winfrey for goodness’ sake.

As I stated in the first issue, I have no time for caressing anyone’s egos or stroking their broken hearts. I tell it like it is and I will not apologise for hitting the nail on the head.

If you have issues with the way I tell the truth, then you can go and jump into Nasolo River or run to your friends who will offer you a shoulder to cry on and assure you that everything will be okay (although we all know that things will not be okay).

I do not offer an alternative. I offer the only alternative. Women do not like to be told the truth. They want to be assured with lies and more lies.

If you want lies, go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where a person looking like a ghost in a photo is told she is looking cute.

I am not here to tell you that you look cute when I know you look like some clown.

For me, truth is the ultimate goal and when women win, men win too.

Pali nkhani apa?

Big Man Wamkulu

NOTE: You can now send your problems to BMW via WhatsApp number: +265 998-110-975. No calls please!

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