St. Michael women fundraise for charity


Saint Michael and All Angels CCAP Women’s Guild (Mvano) and Women’s Ministry will on Sunday host a gospel show to raise funds for orphans.

The show will bring together The Great Angels Choir, Limbani Simenti, The Marching Soldiers, Israel Choir and Ndirande Anglican Voices to the St. Michael and All Angels Multi-purpose Hall stage.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mvano and Women’s Ministry vice-chairperson Milika Chilapondwa said they are targeting to raise K4 million which will go towards rehabilitating a structure for housing orphans.

“We look after five orphans who stay in Ndirande. Having seen the conditions they are living in—they live in a dilapidated house and it is near an entertainment joint—we thought of taking them out of the place and give them better accommodation,” she said.

Chilapondwa: We want to raise K4 million

Chilapondwa said the Blantyre Synod gave them a single-roomed structure which they intend to transform into a three-bedroomed house.

“We want to complete the renovations within two months so that they should be enrolled at HHI Primary School by the end of September,” she said.

In a separate interview, Mike Banda of The Marching Soldiers said they are excited to be part of the good cause and hoped to tap blessings.

“We promise our Blantyre-based fans that there will be fireworks. We ask them to come and be part of the fun,” he said.

Apart from the music, the St. Michael’s Mvano women have also organised a food court which will be selling food and other items outside the multi-purpose hall. Entry fee is K2 000 for adults and K1 500 for children.

St. Michael and All Angels Mvano also run a children’s programme on Saturdays where they provide Bible lessons and meals for vulnerable children who loiter at the Blantyre Mission premises.n

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