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So, it would appear Be Forward Wanderers have all of a sudden gone to take Biblical contexts too literary! You may not agree with me, but I am fully convinced the chaplain at Lali Lubani Road should be getting the kudos for that.

In case you may think I am just blubbing, but look how they took the Lord Jesus’ words in Luke 6 verse 29 to the letter. In the scripture, Jesus said: “If someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other cheek also.” And that’s exactly what the Nomads did— losing 4-0 to DRC side AS Vita before going down again 2-1 in the return leg at home to bow out of the CAF Champions League 6-1 on aggregate.

The Nomads spoke tough ahead of the reverse fixture —believing in cold comfort that they would turn the tables at home—but it turned out to be a mere fantasy as the Congolese side beat them on home soil, reminding me of former president Bakili Muluzi who would boast during his rallies that “mwanawamphulupulu akandiputa ndimakamutibulira pa khomo pa amake”.

The solace this time though was that the margin was respectable (1-2) and the Nomads were not subjected to kwasa-kwasa dance as was the case in Kinshasa. Here they were made to dance soukusa and ndombolo which are a bit lighter.

But still a loss is a loss isn’t it? And the sight of Congolese fans, including refugees from Dzaleka cheering their team from start to finish, was a wonder to behold and should serve as a lesson to nyerere (Wanderers fans) who were glued to their seats in cathedral-hush silence as if they were writing a mathematics examination.

Another lesson is that you do not stage boycotts when you are about to face such formidable sides as if you are up against Duli Rangers or Zidakwa Socials. Otherwise, we can do better with good preparations next time. Osamango lubwalubwa! Uloliwe, uloliwe wayidudula neng’esiza hah! (Oh yes, the train is pushing. Glory be to God. n

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