US, German ambassadors jive to Lulu tunes

US and German diplomats were among the high profile people that took a liking to Lulu’s jazz session at Capital City Motel Gardens on Sunday in Lilongwe.

The American Virginia Palmer and German Jurgen Borsch could not resist Lulu’s soulful performance and had to join in the jive to add colour and flavour to the night.

Borsch(R) dancing during the show

After the show Palmer confessed she was a fan of Lulu’s music.

“I am a fan of Lulu’s music. He is good at what he does and very passionate about his music. It was fun tonight. Last week I also came to watch him perform and this time I had to invite the German ambassador and he too enjoyed the performance,” she said.

Capital City Motel management has constructed a new structure adjacent to the old one where they are hosting jazz sessions every Sunday.

“The response is good and to have such kind of high profile people grace our show is something we do not take for granted. We will continue to improve standards and give them a variety of performances. We will be back on Sunday with another show,” said managing director George Tambala.

Lulu too was ecstatic to see the two envoys come to his show.

“I am humbled. It really is a humbling experience to have such high people in society here and dance to my music. It is a great motivation to me and we will continue to give our best act,” said the young musician.

And to show how grateful and appreciative he was for the presence of the two senior diplomats, he played a special song acknowledging their presence.

Tithokoze America, tithokoze, tikhokeze Germany tithokoze,” sang Lulu in a new rendition of gratitude.

Lulu performed for close to four hours and the show ended around 10 pm. n

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