Videographer initiates Reggae Video Project


A Ndirande-based videographer has initiated a filming project that will culminate into a 12-track DVD reggae album comprising some of the country’s reggae bands and artists.

The video producer William Chidoola, who is a renowned videographer, said in an interview he has already filmed half of the artists to feature on the video album.

Trying to promote reggae music: Chidoola

Chidoola, who said he was inspired by realisation that there are no reggae videos that can compete with similar work on the international stage, said he wants to produce work that will radiate international quality standards.

Some of the artists and bands whose music videos have already been shot include Lion Souja, Lion Heart, Sista Lizzla, Manganganga and The Reggae Warriors. The artists are paying a subsidised fee, he said.

Artists, whose music is yet to be filmed include Jimmy Wi, Young Generation, Teargas Marvellous and Ras PD.

He said he is also talking with other artists and bands, including the Jupiters Band so that the album becomes a solid production.

In an interview, Manganganga Band leader Robert Kanjira said they hope to gain visibility once the album is released.

“We are at Music Lab at the moment where Uncle Layi is producing our album. We have finished five tracks, two of which have been filmed for this video project,” he said.

Chidoola first came into the spotlight when he worked on Defao Collection Volume 3.

He has also done videos for Chipiliro Mwamcheka, Nepman, Florence Monile and Limbani Simenti.

Chidoola said he graduated from the High Angle Studio of Davi Sazuze as well as Mike Kambalame of Zinthuzi Zabasibasi back in the early 2000. 



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