Wake up and smell the coffee

Dear Judge Mbadwa,

For reasons that are not so obvious My Lord I have been compelled to resend the letter I wrote you a couple of weeks ago.

My Lord, you might have issued the moratorium, but in between, the key players in the conflict are still snoring heavily in their parochial dreams.

Remember I did say that there are all indications that we are sitting on a ticking political bomb, but unfortunately there is no flurry of activity to tame the situation from those wielding power; how is this so, My Lord?

My Lord, I have decided to write you once again so that your tribunal should move the authorities to act before the situation reaches boiling point.

I submit that there is a superficial prognosis of the current political crisis where you see the entire government deliberately glossing over the crisis the country is facing by rushing to blame it on a few misguided politicians and civil society leaders who are allegedly hoodwinking the masses.

If Timoteo Cloud could have the power to hoodwink thousands of people nationwide to join his cause then Nyasas should be the most gullible citizens on planet earth, But are they? I don’t think Nyasas are that credulous.

My Lord, Nyasas are the most sophisticated citizenry who pretend to laugh with you even when you mock them, but they explode when the mockery and taunting reach saturation levels.

But it appears nobody is interested to look themselves hard in the mirror and realise that masked beyond the unprecedented anger displayed in the protests is the growing frustrations the proletariat, the peasants and petit bourgeois, otherwise known as the lower middle class, have had with a system that is not meeting their aspirations.

My Lord, if one decides to critically look at the motivation for people to participate in the protests they will discover that some section of the society are protesting the system’s entrenched practice of rewarding crooks, hand-clappers, thieves and the corrupt at the expense of the hardworking.

My Lord, why hasn’t anyone realised that the majority of the youths in the country have nothing to do and that they don’t know where they will get their next meal?

Is unemployment going to be addressed by handouts alone or by rural technical schools that would make every graduate an artisan?

These are the kind of people who are ready to protest at each instigation and it is not surprising that they take offence at condemnatory statements from the establishment.

My Lord, why hasn’t anyone been shocked that the protests seem to be gaining momentum despite the threats, the arrests and the violence? In my opinion My Lord, the people who are protesting the fall of John Answer have different John Answers they are demonstrating against.

To some John Answer is the person they claim to have failed to manage the elections, but to the majority, the John Answer they are protesting is the symbolical one that translates into high levels of unemployment, poverty and poor governing system and lack of basic amenities.

It is such naivety My Lord that has seen the likes of honourable Top Woman rushing to make statements aimed at further polarising the masses, thinking that Nyasas just want to bring John Answer down.

As one of my mentors would have it, “hiding under the cave to preserve your purity will make you the laughing stock.”

My Lord, I ask your tribunal to order the leaders to get out of the cave of comfort and smell the cough. This issue is easier to deal with if authorities banish their egos otherwise this paralysis of analysis will result in catastrophe.

I rest my case,

Yours Nzika Yeniyeni

With Emmanuel Luciano

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