Why should we return innocent donations?

Judge Mbadwa,

Why are people slaughtering me and my village bank group called the People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) over the 154 million shillings that I honorably received from a venerable well-wisher?

For starters, the money was deposited into an account in which I am a sole signatory, what is wrong with that?

This village bank group, PDP, is my personal estate because I inherited it from my brother who conceived the idea and the rest of the members, who were just invited, cannot be entrusted with keeping its cash.

My Lord, I have always thought that it is common practice, worldwide, that some chief executive officers of organisations can be sole signatories of their entities’ bank accounts and that is where I got my inspiration to act alone.

Since I cannot substantiate the claim that this practice of single signatory on institutional accounts is widespread because most people in Nyasaland do not understand issues, I have decided not to further advance that line of thought in defending myself.

But the bottom line is PDP is my village bank and I can decide how to run its accounts, even in financing its headquarters.

My Lord, I want this fact to be etched in the minds of my detractors who have taken advantage of this simple issue to score a cheap political point; donations worldwide come dressed in various robes and it is not incumbent upon the beneficiary to know whether it is clean money or not.

I had to return the money not as an admission of guilt, as some people are trying to advance; what guilt? Since when did donations become alleged proceeds of crime?

We had to return the money because Nyasas talk too much even on things they don’t know about.

In fact, an honest donation handed to my village bank in sincerity cannot become suspicious all over sudden but the opposition, especially the mobility group that left my PDP, planted the donation to tarnish my otherwise good image.

My Lord, on another day I would have responded to claims that the mobility guy is planning to create one million jobs but, currently, I am preoccupied with turning foundation stones I have planted across the country into some real structures.

This is going to be the mammoth project that has to be completed before the campaign period kicks-off just to shut up the mobility guys and Lazaro’s party.

My Lord, very soon my village bank group will be sharing the money I have single-handedly kept in my account and those who want to benefit from the consequent charity work should think and dream in blue.

My Lord, finally, kodi ku khoti kwanuko akuti chani za ndalama tabwenzani?




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