A kleptocracy at 54 and still growing

Dear Judge Mbadwa,

When I wrote you about general thieving tendencies, you promised to reply, but because of your silence, I will repeat what I told you about since the theft has spread far and wide. Water and power is being stolen like nobody’s business. You can’t just have potable water in homes and power from the electricity grid. Politicians have stolen them all!

Corruption has eaten into the fabric of every facet of our society. Tenders are still being won corruptly and taxpayers’ money is being used to fund private enterprises while alleged proceeds of crime are growing feet to surreptitiously enter into accounts of some gurus.

Fifty-four years after divorcing the Queen and her monarchy, I am compelled to write to your honourable court after being appalled by behaviour being demonstrated by Malawians of all spheres. My Lord, I am writing to you to give me direction because as a layman, I don’t know how I should proceed in seeking the court’s indulgence in the matter that has been disturbing me all this time.

In your legal parlance, I don’t know whether I should be applying for a judicial review or seeking the indulgence of the constitutional court or obtaining an injunction outright.

My Lord, I don’t want us to be called a multiparty democracy anymore because we have tremendously failed to demonstrate democratic tendencies or to adhere to principles of good governance that would make us a democracy.

My Lord, I believe the People’s Tribunal is the only credible institution left as corruption, theft and fraud has permeated every facet of our society.

I, therefore, write to submit that this country be legally called a kleptocracy which in our case would mean government of thieves for thieves by thieves!!! Yes, ours is a melting pot of fraudsters, conmen, tricksters, robbers, extorters, money launderers and thieves.

Yes, My Lord, why shouldn’t we be a kleptocracy if we can decide to steal taxpayers money and use it on our girlfriends? Why shouldn’t we ditch democracy when authorities stop worrying about those facing starvation when we overspend taxpayers ‘money on unjustifiable foreign trips where we overstay our welcome?

My Lord, as if that is not enough, you already heard that our embassies leak money to their staff like some old and rusty pail while billions are spent on substandard work to the extent that projects are being redone and refunded the work again.

Of course, you have heard about Cashgate and the K236 billion plunder led by prominent senior government officials. The theft at government institutions is also well-documented. It is also common knowledge that the country’s train of procurement and its tender wagons are oiled by corruption. There is theft of drugs and equipment in hospitals. There is theft at police stations; that of guns and case files.  Politicians, too, have a penchant of stealing so much so that if one were not careful they would steal your vote. I hear they steal their own manifestoes these days and disown everything you knew they promised to do before they were voted into power.

There is theft everywhere even in most of the established churches. Are there any reasons to call ourselves a democracy when the first thing that comes to a Malawian when given a responsibility is how they would benefit by stealing?

My Lord, you advise me on how we should proceed on this matter. We can only be called a democracy when we root out these kleptocratic tendencies.

Waiting to hear from you.

Your true citizen,

Falasito Bokosi.

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