Best friend has knocked up my gal

Dear Big Man Wamkulu,

I had this other girlfriend I broke up with without a proper reason. Two weeks after I ended the relationship, I learnt with excitement that she was two months pregnant, but a few days later, I learnt with shock that my girl had been sleeping with my best friend and that he impregnated her.

She gave birth to a baby boy last month, but she is begging me to come back to her. I love the girl, but not the baby, because its a product of betrayal. What do I do? Help me Biggie.

Ken Bwouy, via WhatsApp, Dedza


Hey, Bwouy,

I don’t really know what your problem is. What is your worry? Are you jealous because your best friend knocked you out, technically?

If I were you, I would be singing a fine song of good riddance to bad rubbish. For one, if your girlfriend sleeps around with your best of friends, is there any good they can bring to your life?

Where, by the way, did you learn that she was impregnated by your best of friends?

And, please spare me, how can she come back to you begging to take her back? Are you that desperate? I keep on saying this, I am no misogynist, but sometimes the way some of we men take up women issues really leaves me baffled!

Look at this. You have a chick, she gets pregnant, people tell you it is your mate who is responsible, the chick gets back to you asking for forgiveness. For what?

She has to take care of that baby, and take care of it right because otherwise Section 60 of the Child Protection, Justice and Care Act will be on her neck. On her neck, indeed.

Get me right. Unless a DNA test proves you to be responsible, there is no way you can go ahead raising somebody’s child. Somebody who snatched your beloved for that matter.Wakula watha ameneyo!

Big Man Wamkulu





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