Ammara Brown shines

The much-hyped Ammara Brown, Master KG concert, which took place on Saturday night at the Lilongwe Golf Club exposed some shortcomings on the part of event organisers.

Patrons who turned out in large numbers had to endure two hours of inactivity on stage due to power failure.

Brown: Thank you Malawi for being patient

Dan Lu had set the hype with an impressive performance from 8 until 10pm when Zembani Band took over.

Emma Masauko an old timer of Zembani Band, who returned from the UK recently, put up a less-than-impressive performance that disappointed fans, who demanded she leaves the stage.

Then, came Sam Smack who managed to reignite the show. He performed for close to an hour.

But when the big moment was about to come after the director of ceremonies announced the name of Ammara Brown there was a cut in electricity supply to the main stage.

The stand-by generator failed to start and fans had to wait for close to two hours as repairmen worked to restore power.

Brown came on stage around 2am. She lived up to her billing, providing quality music combined with some energetic dance moves.

Her playlist of the night included Akiliz, Mukuko, Wach Want, Say No, Havare, among others.

But it was Akiliz that proved to be the fans’ favourite as they sang along.

“Thank you Malawi for being patient. It was not comfortable but you waited and we had fun. This is really the warm heart of Africa. It is my second time to perform in this country but I have already fallen in love with this beautiful country and its people,” said Brown.

But South African hitmaker Master KG did not enjoy such a flawless performance. After Brown had exited the stage the tired fans started trooping out of the venue.

Master KG still went on to perform, but was let down by poor sound output.

“The sound is not good. It’s not coming out right,” he complained addressing the few fans left to see the last drop of his music.

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