Artists not supported in Malawi—Bon Kalindo


Actor and politician Bon Kalindo says Malawi has talent but its artists are not supported.

Speaking after watching a play by Thlupego Chisiza titled What Lies Ahead?, Kalindo said Malawians need to change their mindset when it comes to local talent.

“If it was an American actor staging the play tonight, this place would have been too small. It would have been packed full and people would have paid a lot of money,” said Kalindo.

“As local talent, we want Malawians to appreciate us more and patronise our shows just like they do with foreign acts.”

Kalindo: Malawians should appreciate us

He said he attended the event as an actor and not as a politician.

However, commenting on the message that the play was conveying, which is youth involvement in decision making, Kalindo said time has come for the youth to be given a chance.

Said Kalindo: “Involving the youth in decision making is the way to go. We say nothing for us without us. We are tired, I am tired and we need things to improve and change for the better. We can achieve that if the youth are adequately involved.”

Kalindo kept asking former information minister Moses Kunkuyu, who is now director of political pressure group Transformation Alliance (TA) and was present at the event, to help fight for the youth to be involved in politics and decision making.

“I am happy that you [Kunkuyu] are here this evening. We need your support so that the youth, which include artists, can be given a platform, have a voice to be heard and participate in politics and leadership,” said Kalindo.

He said the play that Chisiza staged was good and should be shown to a larger audience and therefore, pledged K50 000 towards the preparations for that.

One of the managers of HS Winehouse, Nkhwachi Mhango, said the place is offering a platform for artists in the country.

“We are all for local artists promotion. And we are happy that Thlupego managed to pay a special tribute to his father [Dunduzu Chisiza Junior] at this place,” he said, adding that every Friday the place creates a platform for artists to show their talents.

Dunduzu Chisiza Junior was one of the country’s most prolific playwrights and actors. He died in 1999. n


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